BFFL's Remorse

Comedy, Dark Comedy | 2 female | approx 10 min

After Kate's sudden passing, two of her friends wish they had done more...than the other friend.

What people are saying about BFFL's Remorse:

“I love this play, because while for the audience this is a zany and comedic moment between two people mourning, this type of thing is totally a reality. I'm happy to read a play that talks about this part of grief. There is a great mix of emotions in this play, it's got a lot of heart in it, and it would be a fantastic addition to any night of short plays. ” 
- Ryan Bultrowicz, Playwright
“A one-upmanship at a funeral - it's a thing and it's a big thing here. I love the circle of friendship that exists here. Two people who were friends with Kate and are still vying for Kate's attention - even though she's gone - just may have made a new friend. Maybe. It's funny, it bites and later there's honey for the wound. This is a quirky and delightful addition to any ten-minute play festival. ”
- Claudia Haas, Playwright
“They say that funerals are more for the living than they are for the dead. Hayet’s play digs in deep to themes of grief and guilt, and how they’re processed at times of significant loss. As Taylor and Kelly continually raise the stakes throughout the scene, betting on who was a better friend to Kate, (and aggrandizing their own level of suffering,) ultimately they have to show their cards. When they do, it’s no longer a contest... they both want the same thing: their friend back. A strong piece tackling a difficult subject. ”
- Greg Burdick, Playwright


Production History:

2019 |The New Short Play Festival | New York, NY | Dir. Sarah Melton

2018 |The Cannon Theatre | Littleton, MA | Dir. Maren Caulfield

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