Date with Death

Comedy, Dark Comedy | 2 female, 1 male | approx 10 min

Dating is hell. Rather than deal with the awkwardness of turning someone down, Angela prefers murder. However, this time, her baggage does not go unnoticed.

What people are saying about Date with Death:

"A darkly humorous take on online dating"
Daily Business Magazine
“Hayet's Date with Death has a jaw-dropping situation and action, and his dialogue provides some seriously dry humor that'll shock audiences for a moment before they laugh out loud. This would be terrific to produce in any event, including a romance- or Valentine's Day-related festival. ”
- Steven G. Martin, Playwright
“I love a good twisted dark comedy, and this short play delivers on the macabre. The choice to make all the characters have nonchalant attitudes about the murders is comedy gold as well. All around, a really solid short.”
 - Rachel Bublitz, Playwright

“This is the perfect dark comedy for a festival or anthology. It's smart, it's fun, and also brings up this problem we have with the word no (and the problem that is dating culture as a whole). This might be my favorite play from Hayet yet.”
 - Sharai Bohannon, Playwright

Production History:

2020 | Little Fish Theatre| Pick of the Vine 2020 |San Pedro, CA  
2020 | The Sauk| Sauk Shorts 2020 |Jonesville, MI   
2020 |
Short+Sweet Dubai |Dubai, UAE

2020 | Short+Sweet Sydney |Sydney, Australia

2019 | Short+Sweet Manila |Manila, Phillppines

2019 | Short+Sweet Auckland |Auckland, New Zealand  

2019 | Roaring Epiphany Production Company | New York, NY

2019 | Edinburgh Fringe| Big Bite Size Breakfast Show |Edinburgh, UK

2019 | Phoenix Tears Productions |Ten Minute Tuesdays| Orlando, FL

2019 | Rover Dramawerks |10 Minute Play Festival| Plano, TX 

2019 | The Barn Theatre | Solstice Showcase | Montville, NJ
2019 | Bendigo Theatre Company| TenX10 2019 | Bendigo, Australia
2019 | Britches & Hose | Falls Church, VA | Dir. Caroline Scarborough

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