Letter of the Law

Comedy, Holiday | 2 female | approx 1 min

Seven year-old Sydney is not happy with her Christmas present.

What people are saying about Letter of the Law:

“Steven Hayet shows the depths of a mother's love and guidance to her daughter on the road to a successful career. It's a play with a lot of heart, laughs, and snark. It also shows parenting at its finest during the holidays. The gift Sydney gets may not be what she wanted but her mother had the foresight to know it's what she needed. It's a fun play that is perfect for any holiday series of shows. ” - Franky Gonzalez, Playwright
“Adorable and cute, Hayet has a knack for mixing comedy with these small beautiful and sweet moments. I also feel like I've had this conversation with both of my kids, so kudos for accuracy! ”
 - Rachel Bublitz, Playwright

“A lot is packed into this short play about mother-daughter relationships and how we parents sometimes want things so badly for our kids that we can't always see what THEY want. Would make a great addition to a holiday-themed play fest. ”
 - Jennifer O'Grady, Playwright

Production History:

2018 | Stage Left Theatre | Fast & Furious V Festival | Spokane, WA

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