Stage Mom

Comedy | 3 female | approx 10 min

While waiting for their children to finish dance class, two moms sit and chat, sharing opinions, gossip, and everything but their daughters’ spotlight.

What people are saying about Stage Mom:

“The moms in STAGE MOM are the most deliciously cruel characters I've read in a long time. The play made me thankful my mom was a normal human, and that I'm not putting my kids through the insanity that they are. Very producible, incredibly funny, and it has an ending that surprised me and got me a little choked up. STAGE MOM should be forced viewing material for every parent who lives through their kids' lives.”
 - Rachel Bublitz, Playwright

“This fantastic short is the next step in a logical progression of all those habit-forming reality shows... you know the ones- depicting the cut-throat climate that is our modern culture: vying for social media spotlight, passive aggressions, and helicopter parenting to give our kids that extra edge they need. The dialogue feels real... a sharp contrast to the artificial kindness the three moms put on around each other. Give Hayet 5 more minutes, and we’ll see one of them flipping the prop table in a knock-down drag-out fight. You’ll love to hate these ladies.”
 - Greg Burdick, Playwright

“Three moms who want the best for their daughters butt heads as they compete for the spotlight (all for their daughters' sakes, of course). A funny and surprisingly sweet examination of mothers who want what any parent wants: for their kid to become the next Shirley MacLaine, obviously.”
 - Jordan Elizabeth Henry, Playwright

Production History:

2018 | Phoenix Tears Productions |Ten Minute Tuesdays| Orlando, FL 
2016 | Midtown International Theatre Festival | New York, NY

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