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 Short film directed by Aaron Ford.

Mickey Tron in Dinosaur
Alicia Renee Beck in Dinosaur
Short+Sweet Sydney



“I've been this girl. I've known this girl. Dinosaur is such a sweet, relatable, and funny take on anxiety and how it can take hold of us-- even when it may seem absolutely ridiculous to the rest of the world. A great story about friendship and overcoming the hard times when leaving the house just doesn't seem possible.”

- Lindsay Partain, Playwright​ 

"A heartfelt and profoundly empathetic short, that guides our attention first towards the callous indifference towards rampant death and tragedy we're asked to feel from movies and television, and then relates it to the same thing being asked of us in real life. Hayet's writing takes a defiant stand towards that attitude, validating and accepting fear and sadness, while encouraging real support for those going through the same thing. As someone who is also disturbed by random deaths in action movies, this short definitely helped me feel less alone."

 - Ky Weeks, Playwright



Scared of being eaten by a dinosaur, Spencer refuses to leave her room.

Recover Me Logo
Dinosaur was filmed by the Recover Me Project, an organization that uses original short films and visual arts to promote an educational and community orientated understanding of mental illness. 
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