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Twelve Hangry Jurors

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Long Beach City College
Mynderse Academy
Long Beach City College
Long Beach City College
Long Beach City College



“This is such a clever and fun spin on the typical 'jury room' drama. Each of the twelve jurors has their own personality or quirk -- which brings an interesting spin to the biggest decision of their day (or so it would seem). Hayet has written another gem that will delight any audience!”

- Randy Hunt, Playwright​ 




After hours of heated deliberation, twelve jurors still struggle to come to a consensus...  on what to order for lunch.  This parody of the classic courtroom drama will have audiences rolling in the aisles and asking all the tough questions, like ”Are there vegetarian options?”  With incredibly simple costume and set requirements and an entirely gender-flexible ensemble cast, this short play can come together in just a few rehearsals.  And your actors will have a blast putting their own spin on these characters and their quest to satisfy their culinary cravings!  Justice cannot be served on an empty stomach!

Twelve Hangry Jurors 
available for licensing through
Pioneer Drama Service.

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