Keep The Music Going



Written for and recorded entirely on Zoom, Keep the Music Going is a story about the last two humans and their friendship, thousands of miles apart.

It’s been 734 days since the world ended and Commander Jessica Caldwell is alone on the International Space Station, playing music over the radio frequency for anyone on Earth who may have survived.

For the past 734 days, Jessica hadn’t received a response, but today, another woman is able to radio her back.



"Universally resonant and a product of its time, Hayet’s lovely Zoom play provides hope in an era of isolation. Stranded on the ISS, two years after she even heard a human voice, protagonist Jessica uses music as a mental/emotional salve and a call to others. It works! Keeping his characters an atmosphere apart, Hayet skillfully builds a love story, platonic and/or romantic, by keeping their conversation upbeat as they overcome the distance. It’s a gentle tale in the starkest of environments with terrific roles for female actors and tremendous staging potential online or onstage!" 

-Scott Sickles, Emmy Nominated TV Writer & Playwright


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