"EVERLASTING CHOCOLATE THERAPY is exactly the kind of escapist silliness I needed today! Hayet constructs an A Doll’s, Part 2-esque premise and then delivers on it with hilarious dialogue and references to other properties. It’s so much fun to revisit these characters 15 years later and see how their experiences have changed them. If you’re craving a bit of levity these days, read (and produce) this winningly whimsical play!"

- JOHN BAVOSO, Playwright

"The comedy that flows from that stylized setup is clever, but at the end, TALKING POINTS digs deeper to reinforce a family’s caring support for a young man grieving a lost love."

 - CHRISTINE DOLEN, Miami Herald

"I have to admit that, while Angela's moral stance is a little Shakey, she brought up some fair points about dating, rejection, fragility and mercy. Hayet's DATE WITH DEATH works on so many levels - from what men expect and what that means to women, what people will put up for a chance at romance, the value of human existence be it with lovers, friends, or coworkers - and it's absolutely hilarious on every one! Lots of belly laughs and great roles for three actors with deadly deadpans."

- SCOTT SICKLES, Playwright​ & TV Writer

"Hayet always finds comedy comic gold. Relatable through all the generations, GEORGE ORWELL's 1989 combines our pop culture with our culture of celebrity and then again with Orwell’s dystopian future. And it works!" 

- CLAUDIA HAAS, Playwright​

"My high school Drama Club students performed PLAYING WITH FIRED for SUNY Oswego's Drama Festival and won "Outstanding Scene" for the day of performances. The adjudicator was impressed with the level of character development achieved. Everyone loved it! The students had a great time preparing these funny and in-depth characters. The audience laughed out loud along with some audible "awwws" in the sweet, more sentimental moments. Since it is only ten minutes, there is no time for any fluff. Every line serves a purpose to move along the plot or to help develop the realistic characters.”

- ANNA LUISI, Theatre Educator​

"There's a bit of a warm smile you get as these students bring even the smallest roles in a school play into the highest of stakes. Steven Hayet creates the kind of backstory you expect from theatre schoolkids and stands up for the kids finding joy in their imagination and turning a lesser role into something amazing. McINTOSH a fun play with some really great dialogue and rhythm. It would completely fit any school play event!" 

- FRANKY GONZALEZ, Playwright​ & TV Writer

"What a charmer! Right from the get-go, Hayet's humor grabs you -- I love that this short play is packed with family farce, stuffed with character and hilarious dynamics. It's such a clever idea, and Hayet hits just the right notes. In an evening of short works, TALKING POINTS would be a standout: Totally relatable and endearing!" 

- RACHAEL CARNES, Playwright​

"I've been this girl. I've known this girl. DINOSAUR is such a sweet, relateable, and funny take on anxiety and how it can take hold of us-- even when it may seem absolutely ridiculous to the rest of the world. A great story about friendship and overcoming the hard times when leaving the house just doesn't seem possible.”


Absolutely adorable. Hayet has won my heart over with this precious little play. There is so much love and sweetness in this play and if you read it (or see it) and don't immediately go, "awww," then I am sorry to inform you that you are broken. The whole play is sweet and funny and quirky, but what's really special about it is Grandma's speech at the end--which is simply one of the loveliest speeches I've ever read in a play. Funny and economical, TALKING POINTS is a delightful ten minute play that would be great for any festival. ”

- EMILY HAGEMAN, Playwright​

"DATE WITH DEATH is the perfect dark comedy for a festival or anthology. It's smart, it's fun, and also brings up this problem we have with the word no (and the problem that is dating culture as a whole). This might be my favorite play from Hayet yet."

 - SHARAI BOHANNON, Playwright

"Oh my God, this play. I love it. So imaginative, laugh out loud funny, and sweet. A truly inspired idea: the kids from the chocolate factory fifteen years later, with all their neuroses and biases and attempts at forgetting their childhood traumas. It's hilarious, but it has so much heart at its center. It's truly a play about accepting change and embracing your identity. I would so dearly love to see a production of EVERLASTING CHOCOLATE THERAPY. ”