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“I'm so upset that I didn't print out a copy of this play to post on the callboard alongside the cast list of my own production of Wizard of Oz. The subversive message of the play is so excellently crafted into the recognizable theatre kid "tropes" and I enjoyed it tremendously! Great work!”

- Emily McClain, Playwright​ 

"My grade 6 students fought over who got to perform this one! Great message for young actors, while being a lot of fun!"

 - Nicole Perry, Director

“There's a bit of a warm smile you get as these students bring even the smallest roles in a school play into the highest of stakes. Steven Hayet creates the kind of backstory you expect from theatre schoolkids and stands up for the kids finding joy in their imagination and turning a lesser role into something amazing. It's a fun play with some really great dialogue and rhythm. It would completely fit any school play event. ”

 - Franky D. Gonzalez, Playwright & TV Writer



The cast list is posted and two students discuss their new parts in the Wizard of Oz.

McIntosh premiered at Gi60 #NextGen: International One Minute Play Festival in New York City in 2018. It has since been performed by students and adults alike all over the world, most recently by the Yeppoon Little Theatre in Queensland, Australia.


It is now being adapted into a short animated film!

Read McIntosh on the 
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