Comedy | 2 female | approx 1 min

The cast list is posted and two students discuss their new parts in the Wizard of Oz.

What people are saying about McIntosh:

“There's a bit of a warm smile you get as these students bring even the smallest roles in a school play into the highest of stakes. Steven Hayet creates the kind of backstory you expect from theatre schoolkids and stands up for the kids finding joy in their imagination and turning a lesser role into something amazing. It's a fun play with some really great dialogue and rhythm. It would completely fit any school play event. ”
- Franky Gonzalez, Playwright
“I want to play Tree #1 so badly after reading this play. But maybe not a MacIntosh. Maybe a Honeycrisp. So maybe Tree #2. "There are no small parts" etc. has risen to a new level as Hayet deftly balances the delicate ego of teens with their surprises and slyness. This should be acted out before every first reading of a school play. ”
- Claudia Haas, Playwright

“ Love the actor dedication showcased in the characters of this play. I laughed about a million times in these two brief pages, Hayet has a way with quick and clever dialogue. ”
 - Rachel Bublitz, Playwright

Production History:

2019 | Saint Andrew's School | Boca Raton, FL

2019 | Stage Left Theatre | Fast & Furious V Festival | Spokane, WA
2018 | Gi60: #NextGen | New York, NY

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