Everlasting Chocolate Therapy

Dark Comedy, Parody | 2 female, 3 male, up to 4 gender neutral | approx 85 mins

Fifteen years after touring the famous chocolate factory, the former gum-chewer Bo returns to confront the man who made her blue only to discover that Chuck, a fellow golden ticket finder, is now in charge of operations. Since being hand picked as an eleven year old, Chuck has struggled to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps, and the frustrated orange workers of the factory want a change, reuniting Chuck and Bo with the three other contestants to determine who should be the next Chocolate Man. 

Everlasting Chocolate Therapy explores the bittersweet reality of the five not-so-lucky golden ticket finders and their attempts to overcome the consequences of childhood decisions.

What people are saying about Everlasting Chocolate Therapy:

“Whenever this play is staged, sign me up for a golden ticket because it will truly be a magical experience. Most probably love the original book and movie and I'm definitely one of those, but Hayet has created a sequel that is so heartfelt, and in his own words, "Creativity with Consequence." This sequel, set 15 years later had me looking at those things that we want and the price one can pay for wanting them. I'm too much like Chuck for my own comfort, but I still believe in the ability to change the world just like him. ”
- Lee Lawing, Playwright
“This play, a sequel of sorts, is an everlasting gobstopper of purely imaginative fun. Endlessly hilarious, there's a vein of bittersweet nostalgia running through it which makes its spoonful of medicine go down easily without ever becoming overly saccharine. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. ” 
- Doug DeVita, Playwright

“Hayet spoofs the long-term after-effects of a very famous and classic children's tale, continuing the story 15 years after its original events. The characters are no longer children, but extremely maladjusted young adults, with more mature issues, or...disorders. Hayet keeps everything set inside a world where the fantastic is possible, but now of less interest to the five reunited, former contestants of - they're all agreed - an altogether traumatizing contest with life-lasting consequences that were not fair to have bestowed upon adolescents. Filled with in-jokes, puns, and crude myth busting, this dark parody of ambitions is quick-witted and riotous. ”
- Ricardo Soltero-Brown, Playwright


Acadiana Repertory Theatre | Acadiana, LA | Dir. Debbi Ardoin |2020


Permafrost Theatre Collective | New York, NY | 2020

Play It By Ear | Indian Head, SC | 2020


Semi-Finalist | New Comedies Festival | B Street Theatre

Semi-Finalist | Summer Reading Series | Traguna Productions

Character Breakdown:

CHUCK - Male, mid 20s.
Formerly a poor lover of chocolate.
Currently runs the Chocolate Factory.
BO - Female, mid 20s.
Formerly a gum chewer.
Currently blue-skinned.
MICHAEL - Male, mid 20s.
Formerly a television junkie.
Currently a 6ft tall bookworm and lover of learning.
GUS – Male, mid 20s.
Formerly a gluttonous consumer of food.
Currently shredded like a fitness model & sharp as a butter knife.
VEE – Female, mid 20s.
Formerly a demanding spoiled brat.
Currently...yeah, still that.
The ORANGE PEOPLE (OP) – Any age. Any gender. Any race.
The workers of the Chocolate Factory. 
They may be cast separately or any of the actors playing BO, MICHAEL, VEE, or GUS may double these roles.

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