Chocolate Therapy



Fifteen years after touring the famous chocolate factory, the former gum-chewer Bo returns to confront the man who made her blue only to discover that Chuck, a fellow golden ticket finder, is now in charge of operations. Since being hand picked as an eleven year old, Chuck has struggled to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps, and the frustrated orange workers of the factory want a change, reuniting Chuck and Bo with the three other contestants to determine who should be the next Chocolate Man. 


Everlasting Chocolate Therapy explores the bittersweet reality of the five not-so-lucky golden ticket finders and their attempts to overcome the consequences of childhood decisions.



"This is exactly the kind of escapist silliness I needed today! Hayet constructs an A Doll’s, Part 2-esque premise and then delivers on it with hilarious dialogue and references to other properties. It’s so much fun to revisit these characters 15 years later and see how their experiences have changed them. If you’re craving a bit of levity these days, read (and produce) this winningly whimsical play!" 

- John Bavoso, Playwright

“This play, a sequel of sorts, is an everlasting gobstopper of purely imaginative fun. Endlessly hilarious, there's a vein of bittersweet nostalgia running through it which makes its spoonful of medicine go down easily without ever becoming overly saccharine. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. ” 

- Doug DeVita, Playwright

The cast of Permafrost Theatre Collective's staged reading of Everlasting Chocolate Therapy. 


WORKSHOP (Upcoming)

Acadiana Repertory Theatre | Dir. Debbi Ardoin | TBD 2022


Brooklyn Prospect Charter School | Dir. Dani Berkowitz, June 2021

Theatre Unmasked | Dir. Brynn Piesco, May 2021

Baldwin Wallace BFA Showcase | Dir. Sam Sommer, June 2020

Permafrost Theatre Collective  | Dir. Majd Muran, March 2020

Play It By Ear | Dir. Susan Aizenman, March 2019


Semi-Finalist | Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival

Semi-Finalist | New Comedies Festival | B Street Theatre

Semi-Finalist | Summer Reading Series | Traguna Productions


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