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Artist Plugs

Throughout my writing journey, I have been fortunate to meet many incredible artists and humans. 

Here I want to share some of the many fun projects they have going on. Please check them out!

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That Must Be the Entrance to Heaven

Franky D. Gonzalez's incredible boxing play will be having its world premiere at Urbanite Theatre in Sarasota, Florida from June 9 - July 9, 2023!

Synopsis: Glory. Survival. Legacy. Citizenship. Four Latino boxers all chase a world title to achieve their personal versions of heaven. But to get there, they must battle each other, their own battered bodies, and the universe itself. 


For more info, check out the show's webpage.

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* * * * * 

Queen of Magic

Written by Kathy DiStefano, directed by Stacey Maltin, and starring Holly Curran, Queen of Magic is going to be an absolutely magical short film.


Logline: From upper-class Victorian England to the slums of NYC, a young woman combats a male-dominated world to become the first female magician.

Currently in post-production, you can follow along with this film's journey at or on Instagram at @queenofmagicfilm. You can also check out a podcast reading of the short script (also starring Holly and Kathy) on Spotify or you can listen HERE.

Queen of Magic Poster

* * * * * 


Written & directed by James Kautz and starring Morgan O'Sullivan, Frankie is an incredibly powerful and beautifully done film.


Logline: Frankie, a non-binary trans person, crashes their ex-partner’s men-only 12 step meeting, determined to be heard... no matter the cost.

After a hugely successful run on the festival circuit, Frankie is now available to watch on Film Shortage: HERE


* * * * * 

Escaping Ohio

Written, starring, and directed by Jessica Michael Davis and starring Collin Kelley-Sordelet, Emily Bergl and Adam Pascal, Escaping Ohio is a beautifully shot tribute to the Buckeye State and homage to the classic coming-of-age teen movie.


Logline: A modern teen movie following Sam and JJ, two 18-yr-olds facing adulthood. When it becomes clear Sam intends to leave their small town for new adventures in California, JJ dares her to let him prove why Ohio is worth sticking around for.

Keep up with Escaping Ohio's journey: HERE

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